Thomas Schreiner – The Resurrection of Jesus and the Overlap of the Ages

30 Mar


The proclamation of Jesus’ resurrection in Acts–one of its most prominent themes–means nothing less than the arrival of the coming age of salvation. For Jews, resurrection could mean only one thing: the old age has passed away and the new has come. God’s promise to vindicate his people and restore Israel was no longer a word about the future; the threshold had been crossed with the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Incidentally, this suggests that Jesus is the true Israel (a theme that we will examine in due course). Still, the arrival of the resurrection and the new age contained a surprise inasmuch as the present evil age continued to exist and did not vanish immediately. The new and old ages coexist simultaneously now that Jesus has been raised form the dead. The new has come, but the old persists. The new certainly will triumph, but not without an interval in which death remains. Luke concentrates on the resurrection of Jesus in Acts because it is the emblem of the new age, the signature of God’s promises.

~Thomas Schreiner~

New Testament Theology – Magnifying God in Christ (Grand Rapids, MI; Baker Academic; 2008) p. 105

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