Kindle Book Deals – Systematic Theologies & Much More

17 Dec

Systematic Theology
An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine
Wayne Grudem
Kindle Price: $8.99

The Christian Faith
A Systematic Theology For Pilgrims On The Way
Michael Horton
Kindle Price: $8.99

Historical Theology
An Introduction to Christian Doctrine
Gregg Allison
Kindle Price: $7.99

Pilgrim Theology
Core Doctrines For Christian Disciples
Michael Horton
Kindle Price: $4.99

Evangelical Theology
A Biblical and Systematic Introduction
Michael Bird
Kindle Price: $7.99

Center Church
Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry In Your City
Tim Keller
Kindle Price: $4.99

The Kingdom of God
Theology in Community
ed. by Robert Peterson & Christopher Wright
Kindle Price: $.99

Tough Topics
Biblical Answers to 25 Challenging Questions
Sam Storms
Kindle Price: $3.99

God’s Indwelling Presence
The Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments
James Hamilton
Kindle Price: $1.99

Putting Amazing Back Into Grace
Embracing the Heart of the Gospel
Michael Horton
Kindle Price: $3.99

Jesus On Every Page
10 Simples Ways to Seek and Find Christ in the Old Testament
David Murray
Kindle Price: $2.99

Politics According to the Bible
A Comprehensive Resource For Understanding Modern Political Issues In Light Of Scripture
Wayne Grudem
Kindle Price: $5.99

Christian Beliefs
Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know
Wayne Grudem
Kindle Price: $2.99

Rhythms of Grace
How The Church’s Worship Tells The Story Of The Gospel
Mike Cosper
Kindle Price: $2.99

A Call To Spiritual Reformation
Priorities From Paul And His Prayers
D.A. Carson
Kindle Price: $3.99

The Conviction To Lead
25 Principles For Leadership That Matters
Al Mohler
Kindle Price: $3.49

The Forgotten Trinity
Recovering the Heart of Cristian Belief
James White
Kindle Price: $3.99

The Life Of God In The Soul Of The Church
The Root and Fruit of Spiritual Fellowship
Thabiti Anyabwile
Kindle Price: $3.99

Bringing The Gospel Home
Witnessing To Family Members, Close Friends, And Others That Know You Well
Randy Newman
Kindle Price: $1.99

Mary – Another Redeemer?
What You Should Know About The Controversial Movement To Name Mary As Co-Redeemer With Christ
James White
Kindle Price: $2.99

God Redeeming His Bride
A Handbook For Church Discipline
Robert K. Cheong
Kindle Price: $4.99

Race, Cross, And The Christian
John Piper
Kindle Price: $3.99

What Is Reformed Theology?
Understanding The Basics
R.C. Sproul
Kindle Price: $3.49

Glimpses Of Grace
Treasuring The Gospel In Your Home
Gloria Furman
Kindle Price: $2.99

Give Them Grace
Dazzling Your Kids With The Love Of Jesus
Elyse Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson
Kindle Price: $2.99

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