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Getting Ready for Easter

21 Mar

How Can I Prepare for Easter or Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday?

1) Read through the holy week (or passion week) narratives in the gospels or use a book that harmonizes the gospels.

Matthew 21 – 28
Mark 11 – 16
Luke 19 – 24
John 12 – 21

A Harmony of the Gospels
A.T. Robertson
Amazon Price: $16.49
Kindle Price: $0.00

A Harmony of the Gospels
John Calvin
Amazon Price: $35.50
(Free Online Version)

2) Read a devotional specifically for the celebration of passion week.

Why Easter?
Barbara Reaoch
Amazon Price: $10.91

The Christ of the Empty Tomb
James Montgomery Boice
Amazon Price: $9.59

Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross
edited by Nancy Guthrie
Amazon Price: $10.07

Love to the Uttermost
edited by Tony Reinke
Download for Free


3) Read the sections about Jesus’s final week in children’s story Bibles.

The Jesus Storybook Bible
Sally Lloyd-Jones
Amazon Price: $10.19
Kindle Price: $1.99

The Big Picture Story Bible
David Helm
Amazon Price: $19.79
Kindle Price: $12.59

The Gospel Story Bible
Marty Machowski
Amazon Price: $19.79

Old Story New
Marty Machowski
Amazon Price: $19.99

The Story Bible
Edward Engelbrecht
Amazon Price: $14.99

4) Read through a good book on the gospel or specifically on the resurrection and it’s effects.

Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die
John Piper
Amazon Price: $9.39
Kindle Price: $6.15

Lifted: Experiencing the Resurrection Life
Sam Allberry
Amazon Price: $9.39
Kindle Price: $5.99

A Gospel Primer for Christians
Milton Vincent
Amazon Price: $8.76
Kindle Price: $7.99