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New Book: Manhood Restored by Eric Mason

14 Jun

D.A. Carson: Manhood Restored

“Sin is social. Even the most private and individual of sins— wallowing in porn, for example—are never merely individual. Devouring porn may be an individual offense, but it is also an insult to God—and because it works out in perverted or abusive or manipulative relationships, it is also social. That is why the gospel, in all its massive power, does not only reconcile us to God, but so transforms us that healthy relationships begin to bud all around us: the shattered social fabric begins to be healed. Perhaps no human relationships are more broken today than those within the family, within what used to be the family. And most frightening of all are the sad realities bound up with absent or abusive or selfish fathers. I gratefully applaud the ministry of Eric Mason as he seeks to apply the whole counsel of God to form Christian men, Christian husbands, Christian fathers, who in gospel grace and joy take up the reins of responsibility and faithful service to stamp new generations with a passion for strong, self-sacrificing love and holiness.”

Listen to the recent ‘Author’s on the Line Podcast’ from Desiring God where Tony Reinke interacts with Eric Mason on the book. Sounds like a wonderful and helpful book for men.

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Kindle version: $6.99