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Bruce Ware – How God Uses Prayer to Enlist Our Participation in His Work

11 Sep

How does prayer function, then, as a tool designed by God to enlist our participation in his work?

1. God has designed not only that his people pray, but that, as we indicated earlier, prayer sometimes be a necessary means for accomplishing the ends that God has ordained.

2. In prayer we are lead, by the Spirit, to have our minds and will reshaped to the mind and will of God.

3. In prayer for other people and their needs, we minister the grace of God to them.

4.Prayer makes us more fully aware of what God is doing, and so, as a result, we can offer praise to God when it is accomplished.

5.Prayer is a means of sanctifying grace as we persist in prayer, sometimes for long periods and through agonizing trials.

~Bruce Ware~

For the Fame of God’s Name (Wheaton, IL; Crossway Books; 2010) p. 140-142. Numbering added.

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