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Peter Jones – Worldview and the Sexuality Debate

17 Jun


God and sex are inextricably related. For the sake of our young people, our churches, our society, and our world, it’s imperative that we understand the connection between theology and sexuality. It is time to deal with sexuality in the context of worldview…

Ultimately, the debate about sex is not a conflict between uptight traditionalists and cutting-edge futurists. Rather, two views of sexuality emerge from two timeless religious options tied to two fundamental world views.

In the words of psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover, how we order sexuality is “one of the most revealing indexes of a civilization.” Actually, how we do it will determine whether our civilization survives.

~Peter Jones~

The God of Sex: How Spirituality Defines Your Sexuality (Colorado Springs, CO; Victor; 2006) p. 10-11.

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