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Jerry Bridges – Spiritual Gifts and the Fruit of the Spirit

2 May

I often hear a certain possessiveness today about “my spiritual gifts.” Certainly, we can be thankful that in the last generation there has been a thriving literature on spiritual gifts. But again, sometimes there is a self-focus for the gifts. We use “assessment instruments” to nail down what our gifts are and seek to use them in a way that can tend toward personal fulfillment. The danger is that the gifts of the Spirit will be separated from the fruit of the Spirit. This can lead to prideful ambition rather than humble, loving service. Sinclair B. Ferguson writes that the fruit of the Spirit “should be distinguished from the gifts of the Spirit, but ought never to be absent in their exercise. For without love, and the humility which accompanies it… the purpose of the gifts of the Spirit is thwarted.”

~Jerry Bridges~

The Fruitful Life (Colorado Springs, CO; Navpress; 2006) p. 8-9

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