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G.K. Beale – Jesus, Overcoming Where Adam Failed

2 Apr

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Gen. 1-3 reveals that Adam should have reigned as a consummate priest-king in God’s perfect image. His inability to perform such a task in the face of satanic trials and deception left open the necessity for another Adam figure to come and accomplish the first Adam’s commission….

..the devilish onslaught of deceptive trials that felled the first Adam in the first creation must be replicated in the end-time. This end-time Adam to come, therefore, must face the same storm of deception. But, unlike the first Adam, the eschatological Adam will withstand the attack and overcome the forces of evil. Likewise, his followers will be subject to this recapitulated tribulation of deception and will also overcome it through their identification with their latter-day leader, who paved the way for them.

~G.K. Beale~

A New Testament Biblical Theology (Grand Rapids, Michigan; Baker Academic; 2011) p. 188-189.

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