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John Piper – Battling Unbelief With the Superior Promises of God

23 Apr

“Battling unbelief,” is another way of saying, “Living by faith in future grace.” The “unbelief” that I have in mind is the failure to trust the promises of God that sustain our radical obedience in the future. These promises refer to what God plans to do for us in the future, and that is what I mean by future grace. It is grace, because it is good for us and totally undeserved. And it is future in that it hasn’t happened to us yet but may in the next five seconds or the next five thousand years.

For the Christian the promises of God are spectacular. They relate to our immediate future, before this minute is over, and our eternal future…

The ultimate gift at the end of them all is God himself… The final, best, highest, most satisfying gift of future grace is seeing and savoring God himself.

~John Piper~

Battling Unbelief: Defeating Sin With Superior Pleasure (Colorado Springs, CO; Multnomah Books; 2007) p. 14-15.

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